We have become a leader in agricultural microbiology by researching, developing and commercializing innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the growth of crops since 1977.

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Rizobacter is set to conquer the global soybean inoculant market

Rizobacter has already captured 23% of the market and is now focused on deepening biological fertilization in more than 40 countries. The company is among the five largest companies producing biological inputs in the world.

Rizobacter adds the Carbon Footprint Certification to its sustainable management

Starting this year, Rizobacter will certify its carbon footprint to meet specific goals in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and continue contributing to actions to combat climate change. The company thus strengthens its corporate sustainability strategy, aligned with a low-carbon agriculture paradigm.

Rizobacter: Innovation Leader in the Inoculant Industry

Rizobacter, a leading biological company, stands out for research into seed-applied biologicals, a key input for sustainable agriculture.